Holiday in Kuala Kangsar

Salam and good day,

Its been a while since the last post on Ramadhan and now we already in the month of Syawal. As usual, the numbers of people flocking towards the town of Kuala Kangsar immense. I, as one of the citizen here, would like to welcome those who come here to visit their parents and families, or just for the sake of sight seeing. Kuala Kangsar is a nice place to stay and spend your time during your holiday. There are numerous activities that you can do here.

The first one obviously visiting the museums. In Kuala Kangsar, there are at least three museums that you must visit. The first one is the the acheological museum. Its quite far from the town itself actually but for some reason the sign board is at the town. It showed all the primitive civilization in Perak including the infamous Perakman. The second one is the museum of the Sultan. This museum is dedicated to the late Sultan which is Sultan Azlan Shah.

Sultan Azlan Shah is the only Sultan who is actually a judge before he became the Sultan because he thought he would never be the heir to the throne therefore he worked hard to be a judge. Later, he was crowned to be the Sultan. The museum dedicated his memoirs and stuff including his pictures during his service as the judge, his cars, and some personal belongings too. The third museum is the museum of the Yellow Palace. Yellow Palace is one of the oldest palace here, it looks similar to a wooden house we can see elsewhere. Its just a bit bigger and the construction did not involve any nails at all! The Yellow Palace is also known as the Remembrance Palace or ‘Istana Kenangan’.

You can also see The Palace itself in Kuala Kangsar. It is a big palace with wide corridors. Too bad, you could not enter it unless they open the palace to public (for example during Eid) or you are working there, or you are the Sultan himself, or you have occasions there. Anyway, The Palace used to be filled with deers and tigers behind its gate but I am not so sure if its still available or not because normally the Sultan did not stay there. If the Sultan is there, all the flags will be raised up. That is the indicator if the Sultan is available.

Kuala Kangsar is also the home of handmade pottery called Labu Sayong or Sayong’s Pumpkin. I am unsure why they used the word pumpkin to describe the pottery. One of the possible reason is that these pottery looks like pumpkin and is used to store water so that the water is cold and we can drink it during hot weather. There are two types of Labu Sayong. The first one is the decorative pottery which is quite fragile and cant be use to store water. This pumpkin is sometimes used as a lamp or a stool if its big enough. The second one is the one that could contain water if needed. Normally its black in color unlike the first one which is a bit colorful.

Well, that’s all about Kuala Kangsar. Hope to see you guys again soon.


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