Kuala Kangsar, Preserving Inheritance

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Kuala Kangsar, located at the heart of Perak, is a town which is also called the ‘Royal Town’. This is because in Kuala Kangsar, you can see the Iskandariah palace nicely located at the riverside, and the older palace, the Yellow palace or the ‘Remembrance palace’ which is located close to the new one. There is also a museum specially built for His Royal Highness the late Sultan Azlan Shah not far from Iskandariah palace itself. This museum shows the history of the royalty especially His Royal Highness background, some of the belongings including cars, boats, chariot (if I am not mistaken), and also pictures of the past including the picture of His Royal Highness before he became the Sultan (he was a certified judge @ lawyer, I don’t remember).

One way of preserving the inheritance of Kuala Kangsar is that many of the iconic buildings are not disturbed. This including the Big House of Malay College Kuala Kangsar, a premier school with the history of over 100 years. The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) used to be the school for royalties with its motto Fiat Sapientia Virtus. The Big House, and The Big Tree are the iconic structures that are preserved to remember the old days.

The Clifford is also a premier school located closely to Kuala Kangsar and its too has a history of over 100 years. The school itself is a bit older than the MCKK with its motto The Ship is More Than The Crews. I have no idea why it has that kind of motto but it must have a good meaning just like MCKK which means Intelligence is The Human’s Credibility or something like that.

Close to both of them is the oldest hospital in Perak, and probably in Malaysia. They preserved the hospital, which is located next to the Clifford school field. The building is no longer in service but the structure still hold well. There is also a brief history of that iconic building. One can see the building obviously located near the roadside.

We also have the Big Clock, almost looks like the Big Ben, but much smaller. Maybe can be called the Little Ben? This clock located at the heart of Kuala Kangsar, literally in the middle of a roundabout that connect the whole Kuala Kangsar together. This clock sparkled at night and one of the landmark of Kuala Kangsar. It has faced numerous floods and most iconic flood pictures will have a picture of the Clock in it.

One last thing, (actually there are a lot more) is the oldest rubber tree in Malaysia. This tree is still well and alive but I think nobody can extract rubbers from it. It also showed the earliest machine to flattened the rubbers used in Malaysia. This tree is located at the side road of the old MDKK building. This is the only tree that has fences all around it. Even the Big Tree of MCKK did not have that!


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